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 Raiders of the MICE Ark!

Take the challenge and find MICE buyers before the others beat you to the punch!

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Polish MICE buyers and become the supplier of one of the most prosperous incentive markets in Europe!

The Meet The Bidder event is a one-day event tailored for meeting & incentive professionals, regularly held in Warsaw, Poland.

We have devised and designed innovative tools, like the online MICE Catalogue, to effectively connect the suppliers and buyers all over the world.

However, we do not underestimate the importance of face-to-face contacts between prospective contractors. That’s why we created the Meet The Bidder events, which bring experienced MICE industry suppliers together with selected Polish buyers in order to create an opportunity for both parties to meet and get to know each other better.


  • Possible entry of your company to SHORTLISTS of MICE Suppliers
  • Unique opportunity to INTEREST potential clients in your offer during guaranteed, pre-arranged 'one to one' meetings with qualified Polish MICE buyers.
  • EFFECTIVE networking with MICE industry representatives, providing you with the opportunity to acquaint with key representatives of Polish companies buying business services and incentive travel.

Market sectors that are our target:

Our customers:
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